Getting fit does not mean clocking major hours in the gym, but it also involves eating healthy food and doing daily exercises in a sociable environment. It’s best that you have a healthy workout schedule that is sustainable for you once you start up, because if you create an unrealistic schedule you will fail miserably. It’s important to start with baby steps before you head out to do a heavy workout. However, if you’re past your basic workouts sessions, it’s time to try a challenging workout.There are all kinds of fitness classes available in gyms: yoga, aerobics, bodystep, bodycombat, bodyjam and so on. Another important form of exercise is body pump, which is scientifically based on the REP effect- which means using light weights and doing high repetitions. It’s the best barbell workout for someone looking to get lean, toned and fit. This exercise is available as either a 60, 55, 45 or a 30-minute workout challenges.

During this workout, you can use your preferred choice of weight when doing exercises such as presses, lifts, squats, and curls accompanied by motivating music in the background. You can even google a workout playlist for yourself and pick your favourites.

This routine challenge is a great way of achieving the results that you came for – quite fast as it is capable of burning up to 500- 540 calories. Get lifting with body pump class and you’ll shape and tone your entire body, without adding hulking muscles. 

You will require the assistance of a well-qualified instructor who can guide you through personal training techniques pumping out motivation and encouragement to improve your strength and tone your muscles- it will help you achieve much more than on your own. Once you leave the class, you will be feeling motivated and challenged, determined to come back for more.Here a few benefits of the full barbell workout:

  • Burn calories
  • Shape and tone your body
  • Increase core strength
  • Improve bone healthWhat do you need for a class?All you require is some easy workout outfits, a supportive pair of shoes, a water jug and a sweat cloth to get you started. Throughout the lesson you will need to practise a weightiness bar and weightiness plates and a stage which will be supplied by the class.So if you’re looking to challenge all of your major muscle groups to get leaned, toned, and get fit- sign up yourself at a smart start program to ensure that you’re set for success. Adding some cardio classes into the mix will help you shape and tone your body in no time.