If you bent the wrong way to lift something heavy or slept the wrong way or your mattress is old, you might end up with a back pain. This would also extend to a condition such as arthritis. Once you have a back pain, it is difficult to get rid of it. at least one out of four people would state that they’ve recently had a discomfort in their pack. Certain discomfort feelings might be severe, and some might not even be a big deal and lets you get through your daily activities. If you want to try and sort out your back pain while at home, here are a few simple effective pain management in Sydney to help you get rid of the pain slowly. Ice-Ice-Ice!During the first twenty-four to forty-eight hours, the best remedy is to ice the area of injury to ensure that there will be no inflammation. Sometimes a warm cloth will help you feel better, but it only temporarily covers the pain and does not assist the injured muscles to relax which will increase the inflammation process. After forty-eight hours, once you have iced the injured area, you can switch to something hot. But ensure that when using hot or cold methods, you only press it for a maximum of twenty minutes and give your skin a rest.


Continue with your daily activities and try and keep moving, making the beds, walking the dogs, or if you walk to work. Once you feel a bit better the you should continue with regular exercises, bicycling, swimming and more walking. Do not overdo it but try and be on the move as much as you can.

Staying strong

Once the pain has receded, you will need tot ensure that you have proper back support to avoid the pain coming back again. Your posture alignment should be aligned with your spine and try not to hunch. You can work on your pelvic, hip and abdominal muscles to help you gain strength in order to support your back. However, ensure that you should avoid abdominal crunches as this strain your back. You can always consult an exercise physiologist Parramatta to help you as well.


If you are meant to wear heels during working hours, try and wear lower heels or even flats that will match your attire. This will help maintain a stable posture and decrease the pressure on your lower spine.


Another thing that people do not realize is that if they try and reduce their and maintain it, they put less pressure on their spine as well. These few simple tips are perfect remedies for you to reduce your back pain.