How To Teach Your Child To Protect Themselves

Every parent wants to ensure their child’s safety. We know that parents are willing to do almost anything to protect their children. But unfortunately, parents cannot protect their children 24/7. At one point or the other, the parents have to let their children be independent. However, that does not mean that the parents would stop worrying. But instead of worrying we believe that it is more important for you to teach your child how to protect themselves. That is because this is a lesson that would help them in the years to come. 

Teach Them About Boundaries

You may be willing to send your children to kids self defence. But you need to understand that you need to teach your child when they should use these lessons. A child cannot be expected to use these skills every time someone comes near them. Instead, teach them that certain parts of their body are private and that no one should be able to touch them. This is the easiest way to teach them about boundaries. Therefore they would know that they can use their skills if someone tries to touch their private parts. Make them understand that while mommy and daddy can see these parts people outside their home shouldn’t. We understand that this can be an awkward lesson to teach your child. But this is the best way to ensure their safety. That is because many children don’t understand sexual abuse. Therefore they may not even realize what someone else is doing to them is wrong.

Teach Them About Strangers

At this age, we know that children don’t have large social groups. Apart from their family, they would only know a couple of your friends. Therefore everyone apart from family members would be strangers. Thus, you need to teach them that it is not alright to talk to strangers. You can even let them know that they can use their good martial arts classes skills if strangers try to talk to them. We know that strangers use different ruses to entice children. They may do anything from offering the children candy to letting them pet their dogs. Well, you need to explain these ruses to your children. It is also important for you to tell your child it is okay to scream if a stranger talks to them. This is something that many children are unaware of. It is true that certain schools teach this to children. But like their parents, we believe that you should also give this lesson to children.If you want to ensure your child’s safety this is something that you have to do. We would also advise you to teach these to your children from a young age onwards.