After learning any sport it is important to know how to score and how to calculate the score, otherwise it is worthless to know the game. One has to calculate overall score single handedly, this actually makes the overall experience of the sport tremendous, and this reduces the chance of cheating as well. There are some sports which are complicated when it comes to scoring and calculating the score. Same is the case with the rick man sport called ‘golf’. It becomes difficult for the players to calculate and remember each and everything within the golf coaches Perth.

It is important to remember the turn and when the turn comes the ball should be hit instantly, mostly the player with the highest score of the last hole tees end first and the turn goes in descending order likewise. Another weird rule of playing good one day golf deals is whenever the player hits the ball and the ball falls somewhere, the player cannot pick or touch or move the ball, wherever the ball is the player has to hit it from there no matter what. If we watch the golf game we can witness such weird situation where the player accidently lands the ball somewhere, from where he/she cannot hit it further and that’s how they score low and get defeated. There is an exception to this rule, only if the ball is stuck due to any human made obstacle than only it can be moved or touched otherwise for natural obstacle; one cannot move the ball anyways. Intentionally they keep the water on the golf course in order to check the judgment of the player, and this happens that erroneously the player hits the ball inside water (this is a bit tricky part where the player has to hit the penalty which is he/she has to replace the ball and try another shot from the same position). Every golf course has 18 holes or 9 holes each hole has some ideal number of strokes in order to pot the ball in the physical hole and that is known as ‘par’ so if 3rd hole is potted it will be called par 3, 4th hole should be par 4 and so on. Amazingly there are some nicknames too, which are pre decided such as: if the player is potting 5th or 3rd hole its called Eagle below par 2 called birdie and there are some other nicknames too such as if the ball hit over 2 par it will be called a ‘double bogey’ and so on.

Surprisingly in the end of the game, the player with the lowest score wins the game every player can easily keep the record of the score by matching the score with the par. Hitting the golf ball below or on par is something desirable for winning. And yes only when all the players are on the last physical hole and the player with the overall lowest score is the winner.